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Dan John Presents to the MBSC Staff and Watch Our Pro Group Train

Monday, July 25, 2011, 12:00AM by Kevin

We don’t take it lightly when we say, “BodyByBoyle Online is the #1 Educational Resource for Fitness Professionals and Enthusiasts.” And as you can see, BodyByBoyle Online is not just about learning from Mike Boyle, many guest lecturers come into MBSC to present to the staff. From Sue Falsone of Athletes Performance, to Charlie Weingroff, to Nick Tumminello of PerformanceU, and so on, you get to hear from the best minds in their fields. Mike highly values continuing education for himself and the staff at MBSC. It is one of the reasons why Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning was voted  #1 Gym in America by Men’s Health Magazine. With BodyByBoyle Online you get to sit in on these private seminars just like you were part of the staff.

This week we are bringing you the first hour of a two hour talk Coach Dan John gave to the MBSC staff. If you have ever seen Dan John talk before, you know he will give you tons of information that you can apply right away to your training as well as your clients.

We also posted a 1-hour video of our pro group training on a Lateral day. Come hang out at the facility on a morning during the summer. This was just the first of a series we will be doing, kind of a test run. Look for more videos like this down the road.

More staff meetings are coming later this week so make sure to keep logging back into BodyByBoyle Online, continue educating yourself, and become one of the best at what you do in the world of fitness.