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Spring Phase 2, Olympic Lift Seminar Videos, Staff Meeting, and More!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 12:00AM by Kevin

Been a busy week at the facility putting the finishing touches on our Summer Program. Soon you will get to see the actual process we go through to design the most important program of the year. Lots of in depth discussion among the staff and Mike. It will literally give you the reasoning behind many of the changes to this year's program. As you know, we film all of our staff meetings so you can sit in as we go through the whole design of the program.

Tomorrow Charlie Weingroff will be presenting to our staff for 90 minutes, if you are in the strength and conditioning field you know Charlie has some fantastic educational content and some very interesting ideas when it comes to training. We will be filming it all and posting it for you guys!

And then on Friday, we will be filming Mike’s practical at the Perform Better Summit in Providence Rhode Island. Again, that will be coming exclusively to BodyByBoyle Online Members in the coming weeks.

For this week’s update we have posted

  • Phase 2 (New Athlete as well as the more advanced “Returning” program). (Keep in mind it can take up to 24 hours to update to the XPS servers, but you can download the program from the website version)
  • Charles Staley 1-Hour Olympic Lift Workshop (Parts 4-6)
  • Staff Meeting from March 31 2011

That is it for this week! We hope to see you at the Perform Better Summit this Weekend!