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Major Content Update (Charlie Wiengroff, Soft Tissue Hands On, Rehab Programs, More!)

Monday, April 2, 2012, 10:04AM by Kevin

In the past few weeks we have had some pretty major content updates.

In terms of video we have had:

  • Charlie Weingroff: Building a Beast In Service Lecture/Hands on (Part 1-3)
  • Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques Lecture: Awesome in depth lecture on the latest techniques in soft tissue work to maximize your tissue quality (90 minutes)
  • Advanced Soft Tissue Hands On: The hands on portion of the talk walking you through the advanced soft tissue techniques (90 minutes)

Also we completely rewrote and updated our rehab programs for 2012 with all the latest movements and exercises we have been using with our athletes and clients.

I will wrap it up there. Tons more stuff coming in the next few weeks. Don’t let me keep you, go watch those awesome videos!